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News: AGS Plasma is now an Ideal Vacuum Cube Distributor!

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AGS Plasma MPS-300-RIE system AGS MPS-300-RIE

AGS Plasma Systems

AGS Plasma is the preeminent manufacturer of affordable vacuum plasma systems used for etching and deposition of patterns needed in the microelectronics, MEMS, solar, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology industries. 

Reliable AGS Plasma Systems from research to production. 

Ideal Vacuum Cube Modular High-Vacuum Chamber System

Ideal Vacuum Cube

The Ideal Vacuum Cube was conceived to enable creativity and design flexibility in vacuum chamber system construction.
Cubes can be stacked together into various shapes and configurations, with interchangeable plates offering a variety of features for connections, windows, and feedthroughs.
Plates include a standard 1" optical pattern for easy connection of hinges, posts, mounts, lenses, polarizers, and other accessories.

AG Services and Sales Representation

AG Services Consulting

The company was started in 1991 to provide sales, service, quality spare and replacement parts used in vacuum and plasma systems for etching and deposition of patterns needed in the microelectronics, optoelectronics, and solar industries. We have also designed and installed a variety of product enhancements. 

Our team of applications support engineers have used our products and knowledge to solve a range of vacuum, RF, gas distribution, and system controller challenges. Ask how we can help you!


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